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Steps to grow tomato plant from seeds

Posted by Krishna Karthik on

steps to grow tomatoes

Whatever your lifestyle or personality you can make potted gardens that will give you joy and bring beauty to your surroundings. Have fun and experiment.

Having vegetables that are grown in your own garden tastes more good than the ones brought from the market. The view of the garden changes completely when you have small red tomatoes hanging from the plant. If you love gardening and want to have a vegetable garden, then tomatoes are one of the easiest vegetables to grow. You can either buy a plant or simply use the tomato seeds. Here are few easy steps to grow tomatoes from its seeds.

 Steps to grow tomato plant from seeds:

  • The first thing is to select the right seeds. Hybrid seeds are chemically treated so they will not successfully grow into a plant. So, take seeds of heirloom tomatoes or of the openly pollinated seed.
  • Now take the tomato or tomatoes (if you want to grow more than one plant). Cut the tomato into two halves. Scoop out the pulp with seeds from the tomato. Put in a clean bowl. You can also squeeze out pulp and just keep the seeds. It will be tricky to pick up small ant sized seeds so, scooping out is easier than the later process.
  • You have to ferment the seeds. Keep the seeds in the bowl and leave it for 2-3 days for fermenting. When a mold develops on the top layer of the seeds, you have successfully fermented the seeds. Fermenting destroys the seed-borne diseases that can spoil the plant later. After fermenting the seeds, you have to wash the seeds with fresh water. Add few drops of vinegar and salt in the water while washing. The spoiled or bad seeds will come on the top and float; throw them. Now let the seeds dry. Leave them in a flat dish for few hours.
  • After this, refrigerate the seeds in a plastic container for 1-2 weeks.
  • Sow the seeds in a small container to help seeds grow easily. Just sow 2-3 seeds in a pot. If you have many seeds, divide them into several containers or small pots. Cover the seeds with 1/4 inch potting mix. Gently press the mix and moisten it. Leave the pot aside as it will take a week or so for the seeds to germinate. Spray the pots or containers with little water to keep the mix moist.
  • Keep the pots in a warm place. Sunlight helps germinate the seeds faster but, it is ideal to place them under a shade. For few hours you can keep the pot under direct sun and then move it back under a shelter.
  • When the plant grows 2-3 inches tall and has few leaves, you can transplant the vegetable plant in your garden. Do not forget to water the soil after transplanting. Tomato plants need water so, water regularly.
  • Avoid pruning unless necessary. There is a myth that pruning increases the growth of tomatoes but is not necessarily true. These are few steps to grow tomato plants from its seeds. Protect the plants from bugs and worms. When the tomatoes become red and a bit pulpy, gently pluck them from the plant. Enjoy the self grown vegetable.

These are few steps to grow tomato plants from its seeds. Protect the plants from bugs and worms. When the tomatoes become red and a bit pulpy, gently pluck them from the plant. Enjoy the self grown vegetable.

steps to grow tomatoes


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