Frequently Asked Questions On Terrace Gardening Methods

Frequently Asked Questions On Terrace Gardening Methods

Nothing can match the delight of a gardener when he or she notices that first green leaf on the seed he/she had sown a few weeks before. However, the concept of gardening is almost alien to the urban city dwellers in India if they are not fans of the green. But the people who long for a potted plant on their window sill or their balcony can easily opt for terrace gardening if they have that option.

However, it is anything but easy to grow a small space garden. Although the gardening enthusiasts opt for their terraces to grow a variety of vegetables and flowers, but, only a few of them are aware of the correct methods to start an organic terrace garden. Furthermore, gardening is an art. If you can do it right, your seeds will sprout. But if you don’t, your plants will die of one thing or the other. You have to spend a considerable amount of time in your garden and take good care of your plants. You should treat them like your children, who need constant attention to grow healthy. In this post, we are going to provide answers to your most relevant queries regarding terrace gardens.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Organic Terrace Gardening

What types of buildings are suitable for terrace gardens?
Generally, all types of buildings can support gardens on the terraces. You can grow some green on residential apartments, commercial towers, individual houses and even on factories and godowns, if possible.

How should I prepare the roof before I start gardening?
First of all, you have to ensure that your roof is waterproof. You can buy various products for waterproofing your terrace if it isn’t already and render it water-resistant and leakage-free.

Are the plant roots dangerous for the building?
If you grow plants with fibrous roots, they will cause no harm to your building. But, if you choose a plant with a tap root system, it can penetrate the roof and damage the structure of the building.

Is it safe to grow food on the roof?
Yes, it is safe to grow food on the roof and if the conditions are favorable, you can easily expect a minimum of 6 vegetables per season.

What types of containers are available in the market?
A variety of containers is available in the market, from pots to vessels of various shapes and sizes. You can also use household materials like empty soft drinks bottles, plastic boxes, coconut shells, kitchen pots, pans, broken buckets and so on. However, if you have a thing for aesthetics, it is best to buy some good looking containers for your garden.

What plants should be grown on the terrace gardens?
Well, you can start with some kitchen essentials like coriander, gram, and chili. Then you can go on to vegetables and fruits like tomatoes, lime, pomegranate and even banana.

How many costs are involved in organic terrace gardening?
A minimum of Rs. 100  will be required to start your gardening endeavors if you do not buy containers or sheds. Then all you are going to need are some organic seeds that you can get online to kick-start your terrace garden.

Organic terrace gardening is not a new approach but it is definitely aimed towards encouraging sustainable practices and eco-friendly measures to making your terrace a beautiful and relaxing place. 

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