What are the useful herbs that you can grow in pots?

What are the useful herbs that you can grow in pots?

Terrace Gardening Tips : Growing Useful Herbs In Pots

Our user Vivek Narayan asked what are the useful herbs that you can grow in pots? We thought we would answer his question in our blog.

Herbs have been useful companions of humans since time immemorial. In ancient days, the Romans, as well as the Egyptians, used a plethora of different types of herbs for their medicinal as well as culinary properties.

With time, such practices lost traction due to scientific advances in the medical industry but, the herbs did not lose their importance. Even to this day, they are used by aromatherapists, massage therapists and other experts of alternative treatments for the welfare of the human kind.

For example, Lavender oil is sometimes used to reduce feelings of stress or depression. A small quantity of the herb oil helps calm your brain and, provide a cooling effect. It is also known to get rid of insomnia. On the other hand, the Sage oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties to help you lead a better life without popping pills every now and then.

Let us get down to the simple methods of growing such useful herbs in your terrace garden.

First of all, what are some of the useful herbs that you can grow in pots?

The list is apparently endless, but, a few herbs that are both easy to grow as well as contribute to the beauty of your terrace garden are:

Terrace Gardening Tips : Growing Useful Herbs In Pots



A herb that is known for its effective use in common cold and fever, can actually be grown in pots. It is a fantastic container plant that thrives in shady areas as well. However, it is also a bit invasive. Therefore, no other plant should be grown in close proximity with the mint pots. It requires a lot of feeding and watering. You will soon see the plant grow into its characteristic bushy green and supply you with leaves from April to November each year. Take it out before Winter and plant fresh again in the Spring with organic potting mix. That way it will grow with an increased vigor.



Terrace Gardening Tips : Growing Useful Herbs In Pots


As mentioned before, The Sage oil has amazing antiseptic properties that may help reduce your drug usage to some extent. However, these herbs also find their way to the dining table due to their excellent contribution to soups, meat, pasta and a variety of other dishes. It is easy to grow Sage in pots. Just take care that the roots are not wet, use well-drained containers and do not over-water. It is best if you can grow the herb from cuttings of older plants, but you can use seeds too.



Terrace Gardening Tips : Growing Useful Herbs In Pots

Basically, it is a Mediterranean plant, unable to resist frosty winters. But, it grows well in partial or full Sun. You can keep it on your windowsill or, you can place it on the terrace, whatever is your wish. Do not soak the roots in water as they are susceptible to fungal infections. Apart from its aesthetic properties, this herb also helps increase focus and enhance performance. That is one of the main reasons behind its inclusion in the manufacture of Essential Oils in Aromatherapy.

Terrace Gardening Tips : Growing Useful Herbs In Pots
This herb should be one of your must-haves if you have a thing for aesthetics. It looks beautiful in a container with its purple blooms and, gives out a mesmerizing essence. It is not much difficult to grow Lavender in your terrace or balcony garden. All you need are a medium sized pot with proper drainage at the bottom, organic potting mix and proper organic fertilizers. Buy a terrace gardening kit online and grow the beautiful herb in a decorative container. You will feel proud once it reaches its fully grown stage.
Terrace Gardening Tips : Growing Useful Herbs In Pots
It is an aromatic herb that can be grown in a clay container. The soil mix should consist of high-quality potting soil to provide nourishment as well as proper drainage to the growing herb. It can be grown on your windowsill as it survives the slanting rays of the Sun quite fervently. Coming to its usage, Thyme is said to have a profound effect in reducing stomach aches, diarrhea, sore throats, and a series of other ailments. Even if there is no scientific evidence to it, people do believe.

Besides creating an amazing ambiance in your home with potted herbs, you will also gain a lot of appreciation as well as the envy of your neighbors.

Herbs are loved by many and, they will be so envious to know that you have a full garden at your own disposal. However, you have to work a bit hard at first to reach that level.

You will notice several eyes popping out of their respective sockets to witness the Garden of Eden that will be in full bloom in your home.

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