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Neem Powder- Herbal & Organic- (200g Pack of 2)

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For skin
1. Clears Acne & Dark Pigmentation
2. Prevents Recurrence Of Blackheads
3. Treats Skin allergies & Infection
4. Gives Clear & Glowing Skin
5. Controls excess oil
6. Treats skin dryness
7. Delays skin aging

For hair
1. Enhances hair growth
2. Stops dandruff completely
3. Conditions hair
4. Treats all scalp related problems


For dandruff control & lice treatment- Mix neem powder with water. Apply to scalp & wash after 1 hour. Use once a week for total dandruff or lice relief.

Face pack: Mix neem powder with water. Apply to face & wash after 25 minutes. Use 3 times a week for fast acne cure as neem has anti septic and anti bacterial skin benefiting properties.

For acne marks removal Mix 1 spoon of neem powder & 1 spoon of curd/yogurt. Apply to face & wash after 25 minutes This will treat the acne, reduce scars & remove tan.

Boils and prickly heat rash cure- Add 1 teaspoonful of neem powder to the water you bath. This will enrich the bath water with anti fungal & antiseptic neem properties. When you bath with this water, it will cure the prickly heat rash, boils on the body and skin allergies.

Dry skin cure- For curing excessive dryness of skin, mix neem powder with pure almond oil & apply on the dry skin & wash after 15min.

Hair thinning Cure- Mix 1 spoon of neem powder with 4 spoons of coconut oil and gently apply to scalp. This will help start natural hair growth and stop hair thinning.

Govt. of India AYUR approved. MahaGro brand offers products that deliver effective solutions to help create a happy and healthy lifestyle. MahaGro products are chemical-free, organic& herbal and can be safely used
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