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Organic Fertilizer- 1kg (Buy1 & Get 1 free)

Organic Fertilizer- 1kg (Buy1 & Get 1 free)

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MahaGro organic fertilizer will give you bigger, more beautiful plants. Guaranteed!
  • Organic fertilizer that regularly feeds for upto 1 year for big, beautiful plants & flowers fast & naturally
  • Can be used on all flowers, vegetables, fruits & herbs in pots & in ground
  • Promote strong roots. Enhances soil quality. Helps in quick seed germination.
  • 100% Organic, natural & bio fertilizer. Also used in MahaGro Potting Mix

You don't have to be a great gardener to love the beauty of a lush, colorful gardenscape. You just need to make sure plants have the essentials: soil, water, sun and food. Sure, plants can live with soil, water and sun alone, but they thrive when they're fed -- even just a little.

Like all living things plants need nutrients. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium - all found in MahaGro all purpose organic fertilizer help plants develop strong roots and grow bigger plants, lush foliage and more flowers.

This all purpose plant food helps to grow big, beautiful plant naturally. It is for in-ground/pots vegetables, fruits, flowers and herbs. Natural and organic plant food that regularly feeds for up to 1 year. Helps promote strong roots for big, beautiful plants. Produces high yield and better quality flowers and vegetables. Regular feeding enhances size of flower and vegetable plants. Slow-release feeding lasts up to 1 year.


Sprinkle MahaGro all purpose organic fertilizer directly on soil around your outdoor garden plants or plants in pots. Lightly mix into top 1-3 inches of soil. Water thoroughly.


Apply to your plants at the time of potting or to already potted plants. You can also apply to plants in ground.


In-ground flowers, vegetables, lawn, shrubs and trees. All kinds of plants in pots.


Together with other fertilizers either organic or inorganic in nature.


Plants in 10"-14" container- 5-6 scoops (100 g). Smaller plants- 5-6 scoops(100 g). Medium size plants- 10-12 scoops(200 g)per plant. Large trees and plants- 600 g-1 kg. (Same dose for all kinds of plants in ground).


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