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MahaGro Organic Potting Mix® 10kg

MahaGro Organic Potting Mix® 10kg

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4x better growth || Odorless || Just a glass of water a week || Greater aeration || Cleaner floors || No maintenance || No soil-borne diseases & weed growth || No compaction || Organic fertilizer || A perfect growing environment

Unleash the Grow Power with MahaGro Potting Mix!

Tired of your plants looking lackluster? Give them the boost they deserve with MahaGro's All-Purpose Premium Potting Mix! ✨

Here's why MahaGro is the plant parent's secret weapon:

  • 4 Times Better Growth: Witness your leafy babies flourish with a unique blend of coco peat, vermiculite, and slow-release organic fertilizer.
  • Nourishment: Packed with 43 essential plant nutrients, it feeds your greens from the roots up.
  • Less Watering: Coco peat retains moisture beautifully, so you can water less and still have happy, hydrated plants.
  • Clean & Lightweight: Ditch the messy soil! MahaGro is odourless, dust-free, and super light, making it a joy to use.
  • Healthy & Safe: 100% organic and free from harmful chemicals, it's perfect for even the most delicate houseplants and food-producing veggies.

Ready to see your plants thrive? Head over to MahaGro's website or your nearest store and grab a bag!

    1 MahaGro bag weights 10 kg and fills 12-14 ten inch pots

    Potting mix available on amazon



    What is MahaGro? 

    MahaGro is an All Purpose Premium Coco Peat Potting Mix which consists of an unique blend of Coco peat, Vermiculite and 100% Organic Slow Release Fertilizer which makes it very easy to handle and use. Its a soil less potting mix best for gardening.

    MahaGro is ready to use! No need to add anything more! 

    1. Coco peat helps in retaining water which means you water once or twice a week depending on the conditions. 
    2. Vermiculite provides great aeration for the roots to grow faster and healthier. 
    3. The 100% Organic Slow Release Fertilizer provides ample nutrition for the plans to grow healthy!


    Easy To Use Instructions 

    Here are the ingredients present in the potting mix (All 100% Organic) : Coir Pith, Vermiculite, 100% Organic (NPK Fertilizer, Humic Acid, Organic matter, Fe,Mn,B,Zn, Glutamic Acid, Methionine, Alanine, Folic Acid, Aspartic acid, Threonine, Serine, Leuci ne, Lysine, Histidine, Arginine,Proline, Glycine, Valine, Isoleucine, many more & Additives. 

    Each MahaGro bag weights 10 kg (looks like a 25 kg bag because it has more volume) and fills 12-14 ten inch pots. 


    Merits of MahaGro Ready-to-Use Organic Potting Mix: 
    • 4 times better growth compared to normal soil 
    • It's Odorless. 
    • Just a glass of water a week 
    • Plants get more aeration 
    • Will not spoil your expensive floor 
    • Very little maintenance 
    • Minimizes soil-borne diseases and weed growth around plants and in the pots 
    • Free from compaction over time & lite-weight 
    • The Pre-Mixed 100% Organic fertilizer gives your potted plants a perfect growing environment  

    Potting mix available on amazon 

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