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Aloe Vera Powder- Herbal & Organic

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  • Moisturizes, soothes, heals, enhances & provides excellent benefits for skin
  • Cures acne. Reduces wrinkles. Gives face an youthful glow.
  • Conditions the hair to make it soft & healthy. Soothes & heals irritated scalp
  • Safe product with numerous benefits. Can be mixed with other compounds
  • 100% herbal, organic, no chemicals & safe to use

Benefits of MahaGro Aloe Powder for Hair:
1. Adds moisture to hair
2. Conditions the hair
3. Nourishes new growth
4. Soothes and heals irritated scalp
5. Stimulates hair growth

Benefits of MahaGro Aloe Vera Powder For Skin:
1. Can be used as face Wash & face mask
2. For nail Treatment
3. Soothes Sunburns
4. Spot Treatment for Acne
5. Body/Hand Wash

Face Wash: Mix a Aloe Vera Powder in your palm with water until a paste is formed. Dampen the face and massage in circular motions for up to 5 minutes and rinse well.

Face Mask: Add Aloe Vera Powder to any facial pack to quench thirsty skin. Aloe Vera Powder can also be used in its own as a moisturizing face pack.

Nail Treatment: Blend Aloe Vera Powder into a paste with water and apply to clean, damp nails. Cover each nail with kitchen wrap and leave for 30 mi and wash off. Repeat weekly. To heal fungal nail infections, add a drop of tea tree essential oil.

Sunburn Soother: Mix Organic Aloe Vera Powder with chamomile tea and apply to sunburn

Spot Treatment for Acne: Blend Organic Aloe Vera Powder with green tea apply to spots for quick healing.

Body/Hand Wash: Blend Aloe Vera Powder with either water or herbal tea until it is consistent and massage all over

Hair pack: Add Aloe Vera Powder to any herbal treatment for more conditioning and moisturizing.

Hair Wash: Blend Aloe Vera Powder with water, herbal tea or Soapnut/Shikakai. Massage gently into the hair and scalp, leave on the hair for 5min and wash.

Scalp Treatment: Create a paste using Aloe Vera Powder and chamomile tea, and apply to the scalp. Best for irritated and itchy scalps.

With Henna: Added to henna for added moisture and conditioning

Our MahaGro brand offers products that deliver effective solutions to Help create a happy & healthy lifestyle. All our MahaGro brand products are 100% herbal, organic & have no chemicals. All our products are safe to use