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Face Wash Powder- Herbal & Organic

  • ₹199

Your skin is exposed to harsh weather conditions and environmental pollutants every day. It is very important to clear the dust, dirt & grime that make your skin oily otherwise skin creams will not be able to penetrate your skin and nourish the skin cells. That is why your skin needs herbal facial cleansers

1. Helps wash away all the oil &dirt.
2. Purifies skin, cleanses pores & gives squeaky clean skin
3. Being a rich source of antioxidants it reduces acne scars & retains elasticity of the skin.
4. Helps in reducing redness, skin irritation & inflammation caused by sunburn and acne.
5. 100% herbal, chemical-free & organic
nutmeg, orange peel, tulasi, neem, lemon peel
Just pour some MahaGro Herbal Face Wash into your hand, mix with water and scrub gently on face. Wait for 1 min & wash off.

herbal face wash