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Organic Neem Oil

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  • 100% organic, pure & natural neem oil concentrate for plants
  • Very effective Insecticide, Fungicide & Miticide
  • Quick action elimination of eggs, larvae & adult insects within 24 hours
  • For indoor/outdoor use on fruits, vegetables, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, houseplants, flowers, trees, lawns & shrubs
  • Is emulsifiable, eco-friendly, bio degradable & safe to use
  • Is Plant Eating Insects and Fungus invading your garden?? Don't worry you can easily defeat them naturally without using any harmful chemical insecticide and Fungicide.

    The Solution is MahaGro 100% Organic Neem Oil.

    Neem oil extract, the active ingredient in MahaGro 100% Organic Neem Oil, is an organic botanical extract from the neem tree. It repels insects from treated leaves and stems and suffocates many small, soft-bodied insects such as aphids, whiteflies and mites on contact. It also prevents and controls fungal diseases that can destroy plants and trees. Use MahaGro 100% Organic Neem Oil Extract on:
    1. Roses and Flowers
    2. Ornamental Trees
    3. Shrubs
    4. Fruits & Vegetables
    5. Herbs & Spices

    Helpful Hints& Application Tips
    As a preventative, apply MahaGro 100% Organic Neem oil on a 7 to 14-day schedule until disease development is no longer present.

    To control disease already present, apply MahaGro 100% Organic Neem Oil on a 7-day schedule until disease is eliminated. Then continue spraying on a 14-day schedule to prevent the disease from recurring.

    To prevent rust leaf spot diseases, anthracnose and scab, begin applications at the first sign of budding.

    To prevent powdery mildew, apply when disease is first detected. Continue applications until disease pressure is no longer exists.

    1.Stops powdery mildew in 24 hours
    2. Kills eggs, larvae and adult insects
    3. Can be used up to day of harvest
    4. Protects roses against insects, diseases and mites

    Directions: Take 1 liter of water and add 10 ml of any liquid soap. Stir hard until think foam forms. Add 20 ml of Neem concentrate to the above mix and stir thoroughly. Add this above mix to 4 liters of water and spray accordingly. Spray till the whole plant is wet including the under and upper side of leaves.

    Our MahaGro brand offers products that deliver effective solutions to help create a happy & healthy lifestyle. All our MahaGro brand products are 100% herbal, organic & have no chemicals. All our products are safe to use.