Nestle Milkybar Eclairs (100 Pieces)

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Nestlé MILKYBAR Eclairs is a sweet yummy delight. The milk filled candies have a creamy centre that is covered in a delicious layer of caramel. MILKYBAR Eclairs will take you on a delicious journey through a layer of chewy caramel to a delicious milky taste. A very interesting twist on the traditional chocolate Eclairs, the MILKYBAR Eclairs candies have managed to gain quite some popularity among the kids and adults alike. MILKYBAR Eclairs are today akin to a moment of indulgence that helps you lose yourself in the milky goodness.

These little treats can be enjoyed at any time! This 320g pack containing 100 pieces is perfect to enjoy with your friends and family, at home or at birthday parties. These chocolate candies are suited for vegetarians.

  • Eclairs with a delicious milky taste, a delight for kids and adults alike
  • Delicious milk centre with a chewy caramel shell
  • Best enjoyed with friends and family on occasions like Birthdays
  • This milkybar eclairs pack contains 100 pieces
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